Oct 192011

uy domain name either new or if possible the lost one.

The best place to buy а domain name is GoDaddy. Go to
and search for your lost domain name. If it is available buy it, if now try to buy a new domain name which will contain relevant keywords to your website.

Oct 192011

Use Web Archive Downloader to download the files of your entire lost website and after upload them to your web hosting file directory to recover your lost website.

Web Archive Downloader is a really powerful and modern software to download web site archive. It has intuitive understandable and convenient interface, which can be understood even by a beginner. Web Archive Downloader is also a great tool when tring to recover web pages, HTML web pages, style sheets, JavaScript, images and video, texts, audio, moving images and software from the internet automatically.

Sep 132011

Recently we receive a lot of requests from website owners, who lost a website cause of domain expiration, issues with hosting providers, web developers, etc. So we decided open a new service: recovering websites from Web Archive and search engine’s caches.
If you can’t recover lost website yourself, our professional team can do it instead of you. We can recover website even if missing some resource files like images, CSS style sheets, etc. Just fill the form below and we’ll consider your request as soon as it possible.

URL(or domain name)
Archived version (year)
Do you have templates, resources or backup files?
Your name
Your E-Mail
Additional information (optional)

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