Recover website script

How to use Recover Website free script to recover lost website? When recovering a lost website from the Web Archive, your website files may not be simple .html pages. It is possible that your website was using some kind of script and your lost website files had “?”, “&”, “;” symbols in their names which may cause problems as file names can’t contain such symbols in Windows. You can solve this problem by following these simple steps: Download Recover Website free script, unzip it and upload the unziped files to your web hosting root directory, the folder where you are going to upload the files of your recovered website. Recover Website will change the names of your lost website files and recover your lost website to it’s former condition. Your web hosting should support PHP 4 or above. We would advise you to use HostGator, as it is perfect web hosting company to deal with. Use Web Archive Downloader which will download the archived files of your website and replace the above mentioned symbols with other ones automatically. Upload the files downloaded by Web Archive Downloader to your web hosting files directory, the same fiolder where you aploaded Recover Website script files. After folowing these 3 simple steps you will have your lost website recovered. As you can see it is very simple and easy to recover your website using Recover Website script and Web Archive Downloader and you don’t have to have any technical knowledge to realise it. Download Recover website script