Restore email me forms

We're receiving a lot of requests to recover email forms (like contact, feedback, booking etc. forms) on the lost HTML websites, as the Wayback Machine can't archive server scripts (like PHP, CGI etc..). After downloading HTML files using Web Archive Downloader, webmasters usually facing with a problem - "How recreate server script which will send form results to a particular email?".

Here is the solution:

  1. Download "Email Form Recovery Script" (link at the bottom of this page).
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive and open "config.php" with a text editor.
  3. Set the settings by replacing:
    1. mailto: your email where you want to recieve results;
    2. name: website's title;
    3. from: an email with the websites domain name e.g. if the website, from must be like;
    4. subject: subject of form results email e.g. "New feedback recieved";
    5. redirectPage: (optional setting) the URL to redirect after form submission.
  4. Open HTML page that contains a form with a text editor.
  5. Find <form> tag and change action attributes value to action.php the result must be action="action.php" and method attibute value to POST - method="POST" e.g. <form action="action.php" method="POST">
  6. Upload Email Form Recovery Script's files to same directory.
  7. Test the form.